Jaunty is the gym for your social life and social skills


This is what we believe

We Believe...

everyone can successfully improve their communication skills and their social life.

We Teach...

the social intelligence and communications skills that help you truly thrive. We’ve taught business people, singles, leaders and the shy -anyone seeking a life beyond their current imagination and capabilities.

We Bring...

the best that we can from philosophy, psychology, our understanding of attraction, neuroscience, the behavioral sciences, and our own experimentation to make people skills learnable.

The People behind Jaunty

Eric Waisman

Founding Instructor

Craig Gibbons

Head Instructor

Darryl Limpin

Head of Operations

Ann Marie

Social Growth Consultant

Jacqui Rose

Community Operations

Jaunty Schools

We are headquartered in San Francisco. We also have hubs in Santa Monica and New York. Our virtual classes and physical spaces are for creativity, comfort and a fun atmosphere which Jaunty students love.

Jaunty Community

Our community has grown into a social force with many gatherings and events.