About Us

Jaunty is the gym for your social life and social skills.

We believe everyone can successfully improve their interpersonal communication skills.

We teach and cultivate the social intelligence and communications skills that help you truly thrive. We’ve taught business people, singles, leaders and the shy -anyone seeking a life beyond their current imagination and capabilities.

We bring the best that we can from philosophy, psychology, our understanding of attraction, neuroscience, the behavioral sciences, and our own experimentation and to make people skills learnable. Our instructors have logged in 1000’s of hours of real life experimentation, research and development, and studying to put together curricula in the most clear and memorable way possible.

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies and thousands of individual students from all walks of life.

Jaunty Schools

We are headquartered in San Francisco. We also have hubs in Santa Monica and New York. Our virtual classes and physical spaces are for creativity, comfort and a fun atmosphere which Jaunty students love.

Fayette Fox

Writer and Community Manager

Eric Waisman

Founding Instructor

A fourth generation entrepreneur, Eric left his corporate career with MetLife, Merrill Lynch and American Express to follow his true passions teaching social intelligence. He has spent over ten years studying social and behavioral sciences as well as testing and experimenting social skills in the real world.

Eric holds degrees in business and nutrition from the University of Northern Colorado and studied cultural studies at the University of Jerusalem. A dabbling musician, in his spare time Eric enjoys traveling with his girlfriend, playing his guitar, exercising and of course…socializing.

Craig Gibbons

Head Instructor

Growing up in a small town near San Luis Obispo, Craig struggled with shyness. Wanting a change, he later delved deep into social and emotional intelligence through academic study and personal experiments. At college, he realized he wanted to work with people and switched majors from Computer Science to Human Performance. After years of self-training, Craig discovered Jaunty and became Eric’s apprentice. Craig has coached people in social dynamics and dating through Jaunty since 2012. When he’s not exploring positive psychology and self-development, he enjoys learning about metagames and being outdoorsy with his dad.

Darryl Limpin

Head of Operations

With an extensive background in Administrative Support, as well as Account Management, Darryl is a well rounded individual who prioritized customer growth and satisfaction above everything else. He has experience working with many technology companies in California and has specifically managed their online resources.

Darryl holds a B.S. in Information Systems from the University of Santo Tomas and is intrigued by all things tech. Outside of work, Darryl loves to try new restaurants with friends and family.

Jacqui Rose

Community Operations Instructor

Jaqui has 8 years of experience as an event director managing conferences, workshops and trade-shows across various industries. She has been professionally involved in life coaching, photography and is a certified yoga instructor.

Jacqui holds a B.A. in psychology from Binghamton University. She is an avid reader who embodies a holistic approach to intellectual, emotional and spiritual wellness.

Ann Marie

Social Growth Consultant and Event Marketer

Ann also volunteers as an In-the-Field Coach for Jaunty and as an Alumni Event Producer and Organizer. She has been involved in coaching, customer service training, and class instruction for the gaming, entertainment and pet industries.​She also juggles another job as a Content Manager and Shipping Logistics Supervisor for a retail design firm, and produces events and workshops for SF Ethereum, a public forum for blockchain technology enthusiasts, architects and future users. In her free time (driving from Palo Alto to San Mateo to San Francisco and back), she likes to listen to books like “Introvert Power”, and “How To Be A Power Connector”.

Jaunty Community

We are headquartered in San Francisco. We also have schools in New York and Santa Monica. Our spaces are built for creativity, comfort and a fun atmosphere which Jaunty students love. Our community has grown into a social force with many gatherings and events.

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