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Our community speaks

Josh Aziz
Josh Aziz
I gained skills that have given me external success. However, I believe Jaunty's true power lies in the internal shift created. What blows me away on a daily basis is that the more I practice the suggested behaviors, the greater my own self-image becomes.
Josh A.
Josh A.
Jaunty Student
It is beyond awesome, and a lot of fun! The learning environment is carefully setup to incrementally challenge your own growth, no matter where you're at socially.
Marissa L
Marissa L
Jaunty student
...Jaunty talked to us about different social skill sets, and advised us to focus on awareness, like being aware of how social anxiety affects us so we can face it...we did activities to practice different skills, including having open body language, conversational agility, and asserting ourselves to practice saying no.
Sinan Mouline
Sinan Mouline
Software Engineer at Acsentis
“Before I felt bad about saying no to people,” says Jaunty graduate Sinan Mouline. “Now I feel more comfortable doing it. Also I can ask for what I want. If the other person can do it, great. If not, okay.”
Regulatory Affairs at Dynarex
I think just about anyone would benefit from Jaunty...One of the benefits I experienced in the class is slowing down. Don’t answer too fast, give that two second thought before you respond to someone. That’s something I want to keep working on, slowing down and being more present.
SzeWan C.
SzeWan C.
Jaunty student
Surprisingly, I learned something new everyday by talking to people. The human connection that we are missing in the world should not only be resolved by machine or social media. Let's talk to each other and connect again! I'm so happy to talk to a new person everyday after Jaunty.

What can 20 minute social workouts do for you?

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Learn the art of conversation

Don’t know what to say? Come learn how to successfully navigate a conversation from start to finish.

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Overcome your social anxiety

Join the community who are lowering their social anxiety with repetitive practice and support.

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Become assertive

Practice speaking up for yourself and being bold. Come say “No” and make requests - we’ve got a social gym to practice in.


Happy customers from leading organizations who transformed their social life.

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Unique social skill workouts

Learn conversational exercises. Then practice them one on one in a private breakout room. Watch yourself improve as you master skills and increase difficulty levels.

Join the community and learn
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Build up your
social life

You can't learn social skills without real people. Ditch the recorded classes. Come make real friends and learn with a real community.

Join the community and learn

Direct messaging to coaches

Get experienced coaches and peers to help with specific questions and learn from other people’s social experiences.

Join the community and learn
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Community and accountability

Join and help build the best social skills community - have the tools, resources, and support needed to kickstart and grow your social life and social skills.

Join the community and learn
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Community PRICING

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✅ 2 Assertiveness Workouts
✅ 2 Body language Workouts
✅ Accountability group and community
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😍  Try it risk free! First month is 100% refundable

✅ Everything in pioneer
✅ 12 total Conversational Workouts
✅ 1 Humor Workout
✅ 1 Storytelling Workout
✅ Direct Coaching



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Jaunty Gym?


The Jaunty Gym is the world's first gym for social skills exercises. We are a community that supports and keeps you accountable with social goals.

Come learn in our 25 minute live classes - led by an instructor - and see what you are capable of socially!

Is this online or in-person?


During these times our sessions are all online.

Body language, Voice, Conversational Agility, Assertiveness, Humor, Storytelling, Flirting, and more are all learnable.

Community members do get together in person to practice and hold events.

Can I cancel my account anytime?


Yes. If your membership is monthly you can cancel at anytime. In fact it's just two clicks! If your membership is paid annually your account will cancel after the annual cycle.

What’s more, you have 30 days to change your mind! If it’s not for you, just let us know in the first month and I’ll be happy to refund your money. So it really is a no risk offer.

What is the difference between the Jaunty Social Skills Masterclass and the Jaunty Gym?


The Jaunty Gym focusses on specific exercises only. The Masterclass is an immersive six-week cohort that shapes your whole social life.

A Jaunty Gym Apprentice level lifetime membership is included with the Masterclass.