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Workouts for your social skills

The only community in the world where you can jump into quick exercise sessions for your social skills.

The award winning live virtual course where you learn and practice people skills.

Thousands of individuals and companies use Jaunty's social skills education and community to build up their social lives.

Real-time social skills exercises

Jaunty is very passionate about what they are doing and are actual experts in the field. Would highly recommend to anyone who is trying to learn how to push oneself outside of their personal borders
jaunty-ekartina m
Ekaterina M.
Jaunty Alumni
I gained a wealth of useful knowledge to help me in social situations. The skills I learned improved my ability to interact with ANY one, whether my intentions were for business networking, pursuing a romantic interest, or just making a new friend. My self-confidence was invigorated and I no longer despaired that I would be awkward or uninvolved in social settings. I enjoy meeting new people a lot more now.
Christopher T
Jaunty Alumni
Even if you feel you know everything about social interaction....there's much more to learn. There is NO BETTER place and NO BETTER instructors to learn new and sharpen those existing social skills. Jaunty creates a fun, non-threatening atmosphere in which to improve your skills. I highly recommend it!
Lenny A
Jaunty Alumni
Great hands-on course on how to improve social interactions. First we undid typical mistakes such as fidgeting or speaking at low voice. We then learned skills to improve our interactions. All the skills are applicable in business, daily and dating life. The emphasis was on approaching people. Overall the course was helpful and worth it.
jaunty-benjamin g
Benjamin G
Jaunty Alumni
I stumbled on my Jaunty notebook yesterday and started thinking about how much of a turning point your class was for me. Now I feel comfortable talking to anyone and can build rapport and connection really fast. I discovered that I like people so much that I am actually transitioning my career to recruiting! Anyhoo I just wanted to tell you that you made a big impact on my life and to thank you for that!
Lauren F
Jaunty Alumni


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