From clumsy to charismatic in 6 weeks

The award winning cohort course where you learn and practice social skills.

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What you will learn in 6 weeks

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Within the first few minutes, you will be actively practicing what we’re teaching.

You will be playing with social skills with other students. Getting feedback. Repeating it. Re-shaping it.

And then, bringing it into your life.

That’s the only way to get good at this.


Status and Confidence

✅ Never be at a loss for words

✅ Look and feel at your best using body language

✅ Manage your social anxiety

✅ Get good at eye contact

✅ Gain self respect and the respect from others


Voice, Assertiveness, and Rapport Building

✅ Find confidence in your voice
✅ Express your needs, opinions, and boundaries smoothly
✅ Have deeper conversations
✅ Build comfort and trust with others


Approach and Conversational Agility

✅ Approach anyone, anytime, anywhere
✅ Be good at conversational fluidity
✅ Have a high quality social circle
✅ Get people’s contact information smoothly


Humor, Social Frame, and more Approach

✅ Be fun and playful with humor

✅ Learn how to socially work a room

✅ Get good at starting conversations

✅ Have social abundance and options


Magnetism and Charisma

✅ Flirt and date like a rock star

✅ Be a great storyteller

✅ Have healthy relationships

✅ Be intimate


Belief Systems and our Social Life

✅ Explore CBT and ACT exercises

✅ Build your dream social life

✅ Become bulletproof with rejection therapy

✅ Master online communication

The Social Hack!

Metro Silicon Valley
"We learned simple but powerful Jedi skills for creating deeper personal connections, unlocking a lifetime of professional, social, and romantic abundance."
Jim Patterson
"When more introverted people ask me how I became more confident with myself, with making friends, or as a speaker, I always tell them about Jaunty. "
Laura Pena
"When more introverted people ask me how I became more confident with myself, with making friends, or as a speaker, I always tell them about Jaunty."
Laura Pena


Social Enlightenment Starts Here!

Six Sundays @3:30pm-7:30pm PST and limited to 40 students

Live Cohort + Jaunty Gym Community

Next class : Sundays starting July 14th, 2024 @3:30-7:30pm PST (Six Sundays in a row) – Missed classes can be made up


Pay in full $1596
4 Monthly Payments of $399

Recorded Masterclass + Jaunty Gym Community

$1197 $1597

Success Stories

Hear from our thriving community

No comparison in learning social skills for adults

We beat Toastmasters - social media groups - and online courses

Online Class

Multiple-person role playing

Customized to clients needs
Real-time feedback
Lifetime community
Full conversational agility training
Real world assigments

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the course?

Our live, comprehensive social skills masterclass is a six-week comprehensive program, in which each class covers different social life skills.


We meet on Sundays from 3:30pm – 7:30pm PST. After graduation you get a lifetime membership in the Jaunty Gym (our community) at the Apprentice level. Here we meet 4-12 times a month to practice.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone looking to build up their social life and social skills.

What age is this course for?

The Jaunty Masterclass is open to ages 16 and above. It is never too early or too late to learn socialization! Please note that this is “adult” training. Things like dating, and business scenarios are practiced and mastered.

Is this online or in-person?

It’s a hybrid. We meet weekly online(Sundays @3:30pm -7:30pm PST) and learn the tools and practice the skills you need to master communication, relationships and become a social dynamo. 50% of the time we are role playing in Zoom breakout rooms. Homework and practice is outside of class in the real world. Many students meetup in-person to practice. There may also be alumni in your city to meet up with.

Is there homework?

Yes! Social intelligence is a muscle. It is important to put your new social skills into practice throughout the course and after. We give you assignments and missions that enhance specific skill sets you can improve upon every day. We pride ourselves in using practical exercises and role playing that can be taken into the real world and bring you long-lasting and fulfilling connections.The more you practice learned skills, the more you will get out of this course (and life). We continue to practice these skills everyday and have a community that will hold you accountable!

What support do I get?

Glad you asked! We are a community of over 4,000 and growing. Alumni (anyone who has taken this course) interact together in-person and on our community and member pages. We host meet-ups and maintain a strong social network in the cities we are located. Most importantly we are here for you!