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"We learned simple but powerful Jedi skills for creating deeper personal connections, unlocking a lifetime of professional, social, and romantic abundance."
Jim Patterson

The Social Hack!

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"We learned simple but powerful Jedi skills for creating  deeper personal connections, unlocking a lifetime of professional, social, and romantic abundance."
Jim Patterson
"When more introverted people ask me how I became more confident with myself, with making friends, or as a speaker, I always tell them about Jaunty."
Laura Pena

Real-time practice with real people

Learn social skills in classes where we role-play and get feedback. Then we practice in the real world.

Real results

Master social skills and join the Jaunty community to support each other with our social lives!

Options to improve your social skills

Kick-start your best social life

Be a confident social rock star in 6 weeks with this live cohort-based course. This is the Olympic training for social skills.

Come see for yourself the difference 25 minutes can make

The gym that offers social skill “workouts” in live-time, so you can learn and grow at your own pace. This community will help you build the skills you need to thrive in any social situation.

No comparison in learning social skills for adults

We beat Toastmasters - social media groups - and online courses

Online Class

Multiple-person role playing

Customized to clients needs
Real-time feedback
Lifetime community
Full conversational agility training

Real world assignments

How To Flirt With Confidence

Learning to flirt with confidence can significantly reduce stress and anxiety around dating and improve your opportunities, social interactions and love life.
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How To Stop Being Clingy: Understand And Manage Clinginess

Being clingy erodes trust and respect in relationships and leads to suffocation and loss of individuality. Address it early with communication and boundaries.
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Why Does Flirting Feel So Awkward?

Flirting can feel awkward for many reasons, but you can make it more comfortable by addressing common causes of discomfort and helpful strategies.
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Rushing Into A Relationship: What Does It Mean? Is It A Red Flag?

Exploring the risks and meanings behind rushing into relationships and whether it signals potential red flags for long-term compatibility.
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Toxic Traits To Look Out For In Relationships (And Yourself)

Toxic traits sabotage personal growth and relationships. If left unchecked, they lead to a cycle of negativity. Learn to identify and overcome these behaviors.
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Nervous Laughter: Why Do I Laugh in Serious Situations?

Nervous laughter is a perplexing and awkward response that often occurs during moments of stress or discomfort. Learn to understand and manage it effectively.
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How To Beat Text Anxiety And Start A Conversation Over Text

Discover what Text Anxiety is, its impacts, and find helpful strategies to cope with the stress of digital messaging in our comprehensive guide.
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How To Get Closer To Someone

Understand the timeless practice of wearing your heart on your sleeve and learn how the art of emotional expression can help you get closer to someone special.
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How To Keep A Conversation Going & Have Better Conversations

Learn key techniques to keep conversations engaging and flowing smoothly, including active listening, asking open-ended questions, and sharing relevant stories.
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