focused on 7 core skills

Body language
Conversational agility
Approach and Introduction
Belief Systems

Social Skills Masterclass

Become a social dynamo with this dynamic, six-week course.

Beginning with the fundamentals, this comprehensive course covers theory, hands-on exercises and real world training in all seven social skills described above. We cover romance and dating, networking, friendships, family and business.

Classes are kept small with plenty of time to try out techniques and gain practice in a safe environment.

This class is for everyone and runs once a week virtually on Zoom (during the pandemic).

Private Coaching

Elite private sessions on a one on one basis using a flat package or hourly rate.

Speaking and Corporate

Solve issues, increase revenue, or enhance your culture. Jaunty will create a custom session or course for your organisation.

No comparison in learning social skills

We beat Toastmasters, social media groups, and online courses

Online Class
Multiple-person role playing
Customized to clients needs
Real-time feedback
Lifetime community
Full conversational agility training
Real world assigments

Practical skills

Learn in live classes where we actually role-play and go out and practice in the real world for homework.

Body language
Conversational agility
Flirting and dating
Public speaking
Meeting new people
Managing social anxiety
Asking for things you need
Saying no

Tangible results

Join the Jaunty community who support each other in creating the best relational lives possible!

Flirting and dating
Public speaking
Meeting new people

Trusted by companies and people who work at companies such as:

The Social Hack!
Metro Silicon Valley
We learned simple but powerful Jedi skills for creating deeper personal connections, unlocking a lifetime of professional, social, and romantic abundance.
Jim Patterson
When more introverted people ask me how I became more confident with myself, with making friends, or as a speaker, I always tell them about Jaunty.
Laura Pena
Jaunty is very passionate about what they are doing and are actual experts in the field. Would highly recommend to anyone who is trying to learn how to push oneself outside of their personal borders
Ekaterina M.
Jaunty Alumni
I wanted to get past the small talk in conversations and be able to build deeper connections. Other people in my class wanted to get more clients at a business meeting,  and other people want to talk with a potential date, we all succeeded!
Varun Kaushik
Jaunty Alumni

Trusted by our thriving community

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