Andie E.

Jaunty Student

I’ve done alot of the Virtual Yelp Events in the past couple of months, and I have to say, this was my favorite and most useful event!  An hour went by too friggin fast!  I wish we had another hour…or two! Haha  Big thanks to Brad B. And Eric Waisman from JAUNTY.ORG for making this event happen.

Jaunty.org is the “gym for social skills” and I can see why.  We “only” got to go through 3 of the 7 Skillsets, but the information was invaluable!  The exercises we did in separate chat rooms were eye opening and meaningful.  Thanks to my fellow Yelpers Marilu  F and Brenda C for joining me in the exercises!

Here are the 7 Skillsets:
Body Language
Conversation ability

The first 3 Skillsets we covered were enough for me to start with!  I will continue to practice the exercises and go from there. Thank you!!

Loving the pillow!!

-Yelp Review from Andie