Account Executive

It’s business time

“I want to take my life to the next level,” Dan told Eric, after the free Jaunty workshop. “I feel like I’m plateauing.” After college, he’d gotten a sales job at a start-up. Three years later he kept wondering if there was a better opportunity out there, somewhere that would be a better fit, where he could make more money.

Working in sales, he felt his social intelligence and relationship skills were directly related to the deals he could close. He thought, “If I can advance my awareness and interactions with others,” then maybe he could up his whole game.

He signed up for Jaunty’s six-week course with the intention of improving his business life and being ready when his big moment came.

“I’m glad I got to take a class with a range of people and not just business people.” In college, Dan pitched multiple business ideas that were all shot down by his peers and executives. He got comfortable with rejection and learning to manage social anxiety. At Jaunty, he says, “One of the bigger skills I’ve learned is how to make other people feel more comfortable when they’re uncomfortable

Watch and listen to Dan talk about his Jaunty experience:

This past fall, six months after taking the course, Dan was “killing it” at work. He felt confident and interviewed for jobs at three companies in different industries.

“There was this one I really wanted,” Dan says. “I put my all into it.” He recalls the extreme disappointment when he wasn’t hired.

Then, three weeks into the New Year, a direct competitor reached out to him. His big moment had come. He met up for a beer with the competitor’s CEO.

“This guy made millions of dollars with his old company. He’s very techie and aggressive. What I chose to wear that day was planned and precise. I’ve noticed when I wear a baseball hat people pre-judge me.” So he wore his baseball hat. “He looks me up and down, kind of hesitant. I can feel it. I said, ‘Dude, let’s keep it transparent. Why did you reach out to me?’” They went right into the opportunity.

“I was that person they were looking for.” Dan didn’t have to prove anything to them. “I felt like I was on fire. I was in the zone.” Dan kept a poker face and stayed focused on his moment even after the CEO offered him a job with a salary and commission that he couldn’t refuse.

Thanks to Jaunty, Dan says, “I noticed his body language, the speed of his delivery of words. It happened so fast but so slow. I vividly remember what’s going on.” Dan feels all his social intelligence work went into that moment. Feeling high status and confident, he knew how to present himself.

Dan really believes in his new company and feels supported in his new job.

“Twelve months ago I couldn’t tell you that I’d be feeling this way about my life. That feeling of being excited and waking up before your alarm is amazing.” He used to commute from the City to Berkeley every day and now that work is ten minutes away, he has an extra ten hours a week of free time. He enjoys going to the gym on his way home. He’s looking forward to buying a house. “I can be my own true Jaunty and have fun with life.”

“Jaunty has been incredible,” Dan says. “It gave me skills to lead a conversation, to guide the entire feeling of a conversation to where I’d like it to go. It’s helped me slow down my life. I’m way quicker on my feet with jokes. We all have opportunities. Now I feel like I’m getting better and picking the best ones.”