Jonathan B.

Jaunty student

I have taken classes that Eric has taught. What I learned is invaluable. I also wish I had taken a class like the one Eric is teaching when I was much younger but even now much later in life I am applying many things I have learned from Eric and it’s all great stuff.

The material is great and Eric an excellent instructor. I like his style, technique and his delivery. What he teaches I find is right on, super informative and applicable to anything from how to make real progress at work to your social life, dating, meeting people and having great friendships.

I believe I have made progress in all these areas and its still improving every day I take the time to think about and practice what I learned. Every time I tell my friends some of the things I have learned they agree it’s applicable, informative and effective. And most of the time its things that we really never quite thought about and never really practice although its common sense.

I think it’s important to take the time to really analyze how you interact with people and how you can make really good first, middle and long term impressions. OK I could go on and on I’ll leave it at that.