Jonathan Tostado

I joined Jaunty after developing a mental block in talking to strangers. In certain situations, I would hesitate, not sure of what to say, and clam up.  The self-doubt caused me to miss a lot of opportunities in connecting with people over the years.

What Jaunty has done is provide a place where people can safely practice their conversational skills without the fear of rejection. Since I started a couple weeks ago, when going out, I’ve talked to strangers, especially girls, I would usually shell up around, and even got a phone number. At a bonfire, I was able to start the conversation and keep it going among a group of people in which I only knew the host. And with people I already know, I’ve been able to keep the conversation going whereas before Jaunty I would run out of things to say and sometimes cut the conversation short.

In all of these situations, I would hear our coach Eric’s voice in my head, pushing me forward, like Luke listening to the ghost of  Obi-Wan giving him sage advice.  I feel a lot more free and a lot more like my authentic self and I am really looking forward to making new connections now. This is life-changing work Eric is doing. Thank you to Eric and all of my peers in Jaunty for helping me level up!