Meri L.

Jaunty Student

I’ve always been shy when it comes to approaching someone. Keeping the conversation flowing has also been an issue….and then the awkward silences.

Eric Waisman shared skills and knowledge to us Yelpers yesterday. Founder of Jaunty, he helps build up social skills.

Our class had a particular order. Body language — Conversational agility — Feeling socially fulfilled. Each contained certain aspects that take place within a conversation, as well as before it begins, and the ending.

For the rest of the event, we were broken up into two breakout sessions.

The first one we had to have a conversation, without asking questions. Eric mentioned about grabbing a word from a sentence our partner said, and to take it from there. He called it “arrow grabbing.” It was a bit difficult to have a conversation without asking questions.

The second breakout session, we had to say “no” to a question our partner asked us. Many people in the event requested this as the activity, as they have issues saying no to people.

I enjoyed both breakout sessions, and had nice conversations with both of my partners.

To end the event, Eric gave us Yelpers a free 30 minute session with him! These sessions normally run $250 for over an hour.

Thank you again for helping me build my social skills!

-Yelp Review from Meri