7 Ways To Improve Your Social Skills (and why it’s the best time to learn them now!)


7 Ways To Improve Your Social Skills (and why it’s the best time to learn them now!)

Here are some things we usually don't think about improving...

As Things Are Opening Back Up, Here Are 7 Social Skills To Focus On As We Come Out Of The Pandemic.

1. Spark Your Sense Of humor

You can do this by taking improv classes or writing jokes. Learning to be funny can help add to your connections via inside jokes, adding more excitement and fun to your conversations while adding to the shared experience. Play is also the best way to introduce flirty conversations.

Being able to make people laugh will make you more confident and likable, and can defuse tense situations. 

Comedic fluency can be practiced, things like wordplay, deadpan, and incongruity (sarcasm) are learnable. These are embedded in Jaunty’s adult social skill classes.

2. Embrace Empathy 

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person. It’s a crucial social skill, as it allows you to build strong relationships, resolve conflicts, and communicate effectively. 

You can develop your empathy by trying to see things from other people’s perspectives, listening actively, and being open to others’ feelings. Adding personal and open ended questions really help adding empathy in your conversations.

Start making it a habit to let people know what you heard them say by repeating it back to them in your own words.

3. Kick-Ass With Assertiveness 

This is the ability to stand up for yourself and express your needs and opinions in a clear and confident way while staying respectful. Otherwise it can lead to aggressiveness.

Being assertive allows you express yourself in social situations; asking for a raise at work to setting boundaries in your personal relationships. 

This important skill will also help you get phone numbers and ask someone to hang out. It’s a skill that can take some practice to master, but it’s worth it for the confidence and respect it will garner you. 

You can start developing your assertiveness by communicating your needs and opinions clearly, being aware of your body language, and standing up for yourself when necessary. 

4. Work Your Body language 

Body language is the way you use your body to communicate. It includes your posture, facial expressions, and gestures. Your body language can say a lot about you, so it’s important to be aware of it and use it to your advantage. 

For example, good posture and eye contact can make you appear more confident, while fidgeting and crossing your arms can make you seem nervous or uninterested. 

You can start improving your body language by practicing good posture, making eye contact, and using gestures to emphasize your points. Having real-time feedback is really helpful here.

5. Learn to Listen

I know we already had empathy on the list, but listening deserves its own focus. Active listening is the ability to listen to someone attentively and understand their point of view.

You can improve your active listening skills by practicing paraphrasing and summarizing, focusing on the speaker, and avoiding distractions. 

You can start developing your active listening skills by paying attention to the speaker, making an effort to understand their point of view, and responding appropriately. People are crazy interesting…if you just really listen to them.

6. Volume-Up Your Voice 

Using your voice effectively is the ability to use your voice in a way that is clear, loud, and confident. Your voice can be a powerful tool, so it’s important to use it effectively.

For example, speaking clearly and confidently can make you appear more credible and likable, while speaking too softly or quickly can make you seem nervous or uninterested. You can spark attraction with lowering or hiring the pitch, resonance and conviction of your voice. Think butter-like smooth…ohhhh yeaaaah.

You can start improving your use of voice by practicing projecting your voice, speaking at a moderate pace, and using pauses for effect.

7. Say Yes To Sexual Presence 

Sexual presence is the ability to be aware of and express your sexual energy in a way that is comfortable for you and attractive to others.

Sexual presence is about more than just being good in bed—it’s about having the confidence and self-awareness to express your sexual side in a way that is appropriate, and intriguing to others. This does not have to mean you are interested in that person sexually, it can mean that you are simply aligned with your more primal side.

This can be helpful in many social situations, from flirting at a bar to networking at a business event. You can start developing your sexual presence by exploring your own sexuality, paying attention to nonverbal cues, and being confident in your own skin. 

You can find your favorite ways to express this in subtle ways. Things like smirking, pouting, and seductive eye contact adds to your charisma.

Now that we’re emerging from the pandemic (hopefully!), it’s a great time to start focusing on your social skills. The pandemic has been an isolating experience for many people, so honing in on your social skills training will help you re-connect with others and feel more confident in social situations. 

And honestly, since so many people’s social skills have gone rusty – it’s not that hard to be a social rockstar right now, you can start by filling out our form here!

How Our Social Skills Training Services Work

We’ve made the process for mastering social skills simple.

Here’s how to get started with us: 

If you’ve been wanting to improve your social skills but haven’t had the time to commit, or have had bad experiences in the past, fill out our form to learn more about our options. Regardless of where you are socially we have found that anyone can improve their social skills and their social life. You can try it out for a month or two and see how you like it. For testimonials from our clients, check out our success stories.


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