Jonathan S.

Jaunty Student

Highly recommended and one of the best developmental programs I have participated in.

Jaunty is a six week instructor led program aimed at improving social intelligence. Each week builds upon the lessons from earlier weeks, guiding participants to develop and practice the skills necessary to approach and communicate with anyone at any time. The material is primarily focused on creating and developing personal relationships but still practical for professional environments as well. This class has changed the way I engage people and I have already seen positive outcomes in both personal and professional relationships thanks to this class.

My class was led by Eric and Melissa, whom are both great people and instructors. I love their stories and practical applications of the material they teach, it really helps tie it all together. They are open to helping students outside of class, including leading ‘field trips’ to help students practice the skills they’re developing.

Two tips. First is that at the end of each week there is homework…DO IT! That is how you reinforce and develop the skills taught each week. Since each week builds upon the last, its important you don’t fall behind to maximize the value of this program. Second is if you’re not sure if this class is right for you, find the time to participate in the no-cost workshop which provides an overview of the material. I found the introduction class to be highly educational and convinced me to take the full course. Try it out, it’s free and there is nothing to lose…you won’t regret it!

-Yelp Review from Jonathan