Marissa L

Jaunty student

Social skills boot camp was a really unique Yelp event and much-needed during this pandemic. After spending so much time isolated from others and having far fewer interactions than usual, a lot of my social skills have gotten a little rusty. I definitely felt out of my comfort zone going into this event, but was thankful for the opportunity to attend to work on these skills.

Eric from Jaunty talked to us about different social skill sets, and advised us to focus on awareness, like being aware of how social anxiety affects us so we can face it. Later, we did activities to practice different skills, including having open body language, conversational agility, and asserting ourselves to practice saying no. There were some other skills we didn’t get to, and I wish the program had been longer so we could have touched on and practiced those too, but I felt like I really got a lot out of what we did get to.

On top of teaching us social skills during the event, Jaunty offered us one-on-one sessions after the event, where we could discuss our own personal situations and challenges. I had mine recently, and I found it so helpful and such a generous offer. In addition to talking about any personal challenges, Eric previewed their live courses, which sound great. My current schedule unfortunately doesn’t permit me blocks of time to sign up for one of them right now, but if you have the time and resources to do so, it sounds like a fantastic investment in yourself and your skills. Thanks Eric for teaching us more about social skills and for the coaching session, and thanks Brad for organizing this! -Marissa L.

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