Nadine C.

Jaunty Student

Social Skills… everyone needs them, right?

Were you ever stuck in a conversation and didn’t know how to escape?
Did you ever find yourself in an awkward silence with a stanger?
Do you feel nervous on a first date?

These were some examples that this Virtual Yelp Event touched upon. Eric of Jaunty, “a dojo for people skills”, is an excellent instructor and group leader!

Main goal: awareness… and… SLOW EVERYTHING DOWN

We had two Breakout Sessions where I stressed out. If it was in person, I would have more anxiety. Because it was a virtual meeting, it was easier for me to interact with Shahana in California and Anthony in Ohio. I’ve wanted to meet Shahana since we’ve recently become Yelp Friends through many Virtual Yelp Events. Anthony is a great conversationalist, so, the assertiveness exercise went well!

Eric was leading us through Five Skill Sets. We learned about Body Language, Conversational Agility, and Assertiveness (which tests relationships while empowering). We had so much fun that we ran out of time and didn’t get to Humor and Approaching Others. However, we were offered a special deal to continue the event with Eric.

This was another fantastic Virtual Yelp Event!  Thanks to Brad, the Community Manager of Yelp San Diego, for letting me participate!

-Yelp Review from Nadine