Shahana O.

Jaunty student

I loved this class! I sometimes have trouble knowing what to say or how to act in certain situations. I got to learn some valuable skills and meet some of my Yelp friends along the way!

Eric Waisman taught us three different skill sets. The first one was body language. Even though it seems so simple, it can make the biggest difference! I learned that having my hands crossed and my back hunched makes it harder for people to approach me. If I were to have my hands on my sides, straight back, and a smile, I will appear friendlier.

Another activity we did was full conversational agility. We had to go in a breakout room for this activity and play a game called “speaking of”. Even though it was virtual, I couldn’t help but feel nervous. I met my Yelp friend Nadine! I got to finally talk to her and the game couldn’t have gone better. I have used “speaking of” in a lot of my conversations after the event and it seems to break the ice every time!
The last activity we did was assertiveness. We went into a break out room for this activity too and I had a lot of fun. We played a scenario where one of us was the boss and the other was an employee trying to get a raise and be assertive about it.

This class has taught me various life skills. I have been able to use some in my day to day life and they have been very useful. I would definitely recommend taking a class at Jaunty’s.

Eric Waisman also has classes on humor, approaching and introductions, charisma, flirting, and storytime.

-Yelp Review from Shahana