What Are Flirty Responses?

Flirting is a playful way to show interest in someone, and having a vast repertoire of original flirty responses for every situation can be the key to keeping romantic interactions engaging and exciting, or light-hearted and intimate. Whether you’re responding to a compliment, a joke, or an invitation, the right flirty response can add a spark to the conversation.

What Are Good Flirty Responses?

Remember these are just examples, and you should try to be yourself and avoid cliches for the most part.

1. Responding to a Compliment

When someone compliments your appearance or something you’ve done, a flirty response can keep the vibe going and show your interest. For instance, if someone says, “You look amazing today,” you could respond with, “Well, I did dress up hoping to see you.” This not only acknowledges the compliment but also subtly indicates that their opinion matters to you.

2. Reacting to a Joke

If someone makes you laugh with a clever joke or a funny observation, a flirty response can be, “Are you always this funny, or is it only when you’re also this beautiful?” This response compliments their wit while adding a flirtatious twist.

3. Answering an Invitation

When you’re invited to spend time together, whether it’s for coffee or a walk, a playful response can set a fun tone for the upcoming meeting. For example, “I’d say yes just to enjoy the pleasure of your company… and the coffee is a bonus!” This shows enthusiasm for the invitation and the person extending it.

4. Engaging in Banter

Banter is the back-and-forth of playful remarks that can be a form of flirting. If someone teases you about a harmless quirk, you might respond with, “Keep teasing me, and I might just have to get you back.” This shows you’re game for the playful exchange and encourages more interaction.

5. When They Share Something Personal

If someone shares a personal achievement or a story, showing support and adding a flirty edge can be endearing. You could say something like, “That’s really impressive! I love how talented and ambitious you are.” This response shows you’re impressed and interested in them beyond the surface level.

6. When You Want to Show Interest

If you want to make your interest more apparent, a direct yet light-hearted response can be effective. For instance, “I must admit, I really enjoy spending time with you.” This indicates a deeper level of interest and gives an opening to make future plans.

7. When Ending a Conversation

Leaving a conversation with a flirty note can leave the other person looking forward to the next interaction. Try along the lines of, “I hate to say goodbye, but I’m really looking forward to our next hello.” This lets them know you enjoyed the conversation and are eager to continue getting to know them.

What should you avoid when sending flirty responses?

When sending flirty responses, it’s important to avoid coming on too strong or making the other person uncomfortable. Steer clear of overly sexual comments unless you’re certain that the other person is receptive to that level of intimacy. It’s also wise to avoid double-texting or bombarding them with messages, as this can seem desperate or overwhelming. Keep the conversation light and fun, and always be respectful of the other person’s boundaries and responses. If they don’t reciprocate your flirty tone, it’s best to dial it back and match their level of engagement.

How can you tell if someone is flirting with you over text?

Intentions over text can sometimes be subtle, but there are a few signs of flirting that can indicate someone’s interest. Look for consistent and quick replies, the use of playful or teasing language, and the inclusion of compliments or emojis that suggest affection. They may also try to extend the conversation by asking personal questions or suggesting future plans to meet.

Another sign is if they share jokes, memes, or content that they think you’d enjoy, which shows they’re thinking about what makes you smile. Pay attention to the tone and content of the messages to gauge whether they’re just being friendly or if there’s a flirty undertone.

Flirty Responses Dos and Don’ts


  • Do match the other person’s tone to keep the conversation balanced.
  • Do use humor to keep the interaction light and fun.
  • Do be genuine in your responses; authenticity is attractive.
  • Do pay attention to the context and respond appropriately.
  • Do use compliments to show interest and appreciation.
  • Do maintain a playful attitude to keep the flirtation enjoyable.
  • Do respect the other person’s boundaries and comfort level.


  • Don’t be overly sexual or forward unless you’re sure it’s welcome.
  • Don’t ignore cues that the other person isn’t interested in flirting.
  • Don’t use clichés or lines that feel insincere or overused.
  • Don’t pressure the other person for a response or overstep boundaries.
  • Don’t misrepresent yourself or your intentions.
  • Don’t let the flirting overshadow the substance of the conversation.
  • Don’t continue to flirt if the other person has expressed discomfort.

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